Carolina Trade Show Exhibits is unique for a multitude of reasons. First, our offer of incredible service is what really sets us apart from any other trade show manufacturing company. When you call us, you’ll never speak to a computer or automated system. You’ll always talk to a human, and that human will always have an understanding of how best to serve your needs.

Another reason that we are unique is that we may be a local company out of Greer and North Charleston, South Carolina, but we can also service customers throughout the U.S and worldwide. We can provide local service and support on a national and global scale. This is something that many consider an invaluable aspect of a business. We don’t think of it as something completely out of the ordinary. We see it as “business as usual.” Business as usual because great exceptional service is standard for us.

Another aspect of our business that makes us unique is our complete dedication to safety and proper building processes. We are not just trying to push out a product as fast as we can, with the intention of just making a profit. One of the primary concerns that our engineers concentrate on is structural integrity and safety. All of our hand-built trade show booths are tested and verified through rigorous testing methods.

We are unique for a multitude of reasons. We offer delivery, take down services, repair services, show services, storage of your exhibit and more. All the while, we are making sure that service is at an all-time high and your experience is incredible and worry-free. Don’t hesitate. Call us for your next trade show. We’ll make sure that you have the services that you need, and your booth has the wow factor you’re looking for and the safety you expect.