The Science of Graphic Design

Every trade show exhibit is aiming to produce a certain attitude in its viewers. Depending on the ultimate goal of the trade show (brand awareness, product sales, etc), the desired attitude may vary. Visuals play a huge role in stimulating these attitudes. Coloration, curvature, lighting, and other similar factors are all extremely important in a presentation to place people into a calm, relaxed, and trusting mood.

The Psychology of Colors

Studies in the field of psychology have shown that coloration can actually have persuasive influences on a person’s decisions. Chromotherapy, a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases, is a scientifically verified form of therapy. It’s not voodoo or magic. It’s merely using the brain’s natural functions to change a person’s state-of-mind to one that is beneficial to the individual.

The same method can be used in your trade show displays to make people comfortable and relaxed. A mixture of colors and lighting can produce different moods in a person’s subconscious which will ultimately be reflected in their conscious decisions. Red, for example, calls attention to a person. Certain shades of blue puts people into a state of relaxation, making them more likely to make a purchase.

Doing it Right

Many of the most successful markets have clear indicators of these graphic display methods. In the Playstation Store for example, coloration and text displays are clearly deliberate. At the homepage of the Playstation Network, the user is allowed to have any background color or image that they desire, and even have control over the text font and styles. Once the user goes into the Playstation Store, however, predefined backgrounds and text fonts replace the user’s settings and are unchangeable for as long as the user is in the store. Take a look at the Playstation Store’s coloration and lighting:

The Playstation Store has mastered the tone, coloration, texture, and design of a successful online store. The user is naturally put into a calm and relaxed state of mind. Look at the way the text and categories pop. The store is easy to look at, making it a pleasant experience to navigate through the products and ultimately increasing the chances of making a purchase. The same design ideas can be applied to trade show exhibits for conventions.

Putting it into action

Every trade show exhibit has an ultimate goal in mind. Whether it is to sell a product, sell a service, or increase the public image of a company, these are all goals that need to be kept in mind when deciding on design elements. Colors and design can have a much larger effect than people might realize. Trade show exhibits should always be designed to be psychologically disarming and trusting.