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Hanging structures build brand awareness and help attendees quickly find your exhibit space on a large, crowded show floor.

Depending upon height restrictions, hanging structures can be used with single and multi-level designs. The hardware is guaranteed for life and includes all hanging components. Our hanging structures are built using the highest quality material and can stand the test of time. Standard and custom sizes/designs are available. We can design them however you would like and would love to show you what sort of hanging structure designs we can create. The designs are built to be eye-catching and pull potential leads to your booth for further presentations. Getting the attention of others is the hard part, so make it easier with a hanging structure. The examples below are meant to give you a basic idea of what we can accomplish, but we can provide many different styles that are sure to fit your needs. Our designs, colors, and styles are all completely unique and we’d love to show you what we can do.

For more information contact Carolina Trade Show Exhibits at (864) 512-2352.

Ring Hanging Structure


8’ diam. x 3’h
10’9” diam. x 4’h
12‘ diam. x 4’h
14’ diam. x 4’h
16’ diam. x 4’h
18’ diam. x 4’h
20’ diam. x 4’h

Four Sided Hanging Structure

Four Sided

6’w x 3’h
8’w x 3’h
8’10”w x 4’h
12’w x 4’h
14’w x 4’h
16’w x 4’h
18’w x 4’h
20’w x 4’h

Concave Four Sided Hanging Structure

Concave Four Sided

8’10”w x 3’h
8’10”w x 4’h
12’w x 4’h
14’w x 4’h
16’w x 4’h
18’w x 4’h
20’w x 4’h
Round Funnel Hanging Structure

Round Funnel

10’w x 4’h

Rectangle Hanging Structure


12’l x 6’w x 4’h
16’l x 8’w x 5’h
20’l x 10’w x 5’h

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