Carolina Trade Show Exhibits is the only company in the area that offers this service at a fair price and with the speed that we achieve. Most of our modular trade show exhibits are models that can be built quickly and efficiently, all while using high quality materials that are meant to stand the test of time.

Fast Solutions: Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Carolina Trade Show Exhibits is proud to offer Fast Solutions that are sure to meet your needs whenever you need a quick turnaround time. We offer trade show fast solutions for companies who are pressed for time. The best thing for them to do is use our Fast Solutions approach. Choose from a wide variety of 10×10, 10×20, and 20×20 options.

These Exhibits:

What’s Even Better:


Can be Saved Up Efficiently


Save On Shipping Costs


Easy Assembly


Help to Keep a Customized Look


Our Exhibits are Marked Clearly and Easy to Assemble


Detailed Construction Instructions Provide Speedy Installation


Stored in Special Containers to Keep the Exhibit Parts Safe

Trade Show Floor Products

Options For Your Trade Show Needs

Our world-wide networks of trade show service providers assure reliable, affordable, worry-free performance around the globe. Please call us for your trade show, expo, or any other event where a booth, banner, or eye-catcher is needed. We can be your solution and we will deliver!

Nimlock Trade Show Booth Product



We help you discover precisely what you need, design “wow-inducing” displays to meet those needs, and deliver brilliant results. All of which add up to a truly remarkable experience from start to finish. Carolina Trade Show Exhibits creates creative eye-catching trade show booths that are certain to drive potential leads to your business. Your local Carolina Trade Show representative will provide you with solutions based on your unique and specific needs. Once we hammer out the specifics, you can decide how much input you want from us. We can work with you to any extent necessary, we’re here to make your trade show display memorable.



Today, trade shows are about much more than setting up a booth and working the show. It’s about standing out against your competition. At Carolina Trade Show Exhibits, we specialize in modular and custom trade show displays for your unique business while helping you rise above your competitors with a custom trade show display. We offer an extensive selection of trade show displays that can be modified to fit your every need while making a statement, that you are the best at what you do. Making an investment in your trade show exhibit will set you apart from your competition and will deliver positive results. By partnering with us at Carolina Trade Show Exhibits, you allow yourself and your employees more time to prepare for making connections and engaging with potential leads rather than spending your time putting your trade show display together from scratch.

Modular Trade Show Products
Now Hanging Display


Hanging Displays

Each industry is different. There is never going to be one trade show display that will work across the board for everyone. For this reason, we offer custom trade show displays for those who have specific needs. We provide only the highest quality modular exhibits, hanging structures, popups, banner stands, outdoor products and accessories. We partner with you to bring you the trade show display that you envision.



Our popup displays include various shapes and graphics, all while using high quality fabrics and materials to keep the product looking rigid and professional. We are proud of our popup displays and we know that you will be as well. We proudly offer the best popup displays in the business and cannot wait to show you how we have earned such a prestigious title. Warranties vary from 90 days to lifetime.

X Claim Pop Up Display Products
Banner Stands Products



Banner stands provide a quick, convenient and economical way to deliver your product or service message. Our extensive line includes units that are retractable, tension pole, telescopic and scrolling. Sizes vary from 2 feet to 5 feet wide and 4 feet to 8 feet tall. We offer printing on standard and premium vinyl as well as dye sublimation on fabric. Warrantees vary from 90 days to lifetime.



If you want to draw attention to your retail location or your exhibit at an outdoor event, let these outdoor displays and banners harness nature to help you stand out. Our inks and substrates provide excellent durability and longevity, even in rugged outdoor conditions. Solvent printing on vinyl and dye sublimation on fabric produce vibrant colors that resist fading and scratching. It doesn’t matter if your outdoor display is in direct sunlight, wind, rain, snow, or any other major element, it can endure the tests of nature.

Outdoor Display
Trade Show Accessories : Lights



Sometimes the smaller details make for the most important final touches. Make your trade show display truly shine by incorporating a variety of trade show accessories into your plan. We offer fast solutions for your accessory needs. If you are preparing to participate in a national or local trade show and need accessories to compliment your trade show booth, we can provide lights, literature racks, table covers and more! Trade Show rentals in Charleston, Charlotte, Asheville, or Greenville South Caroline, we have you covered.

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