Outdoor Display

If you want to draw attention to your retail location or your exhibit at an outdoor event, let these outdoor displays and banners harness nature to help you stand out. Our inks and substrates provide excellent durability and longevity, even in rugged outdoor conditions. Solvent printing on vinyl and dye sublimation on fabric produce vibrant colors that resist fading and scratching. It doesn’t matter if your outdoor display is in direct sunlight, wind, rain, snow, or any other major element, it can endure the tests of nature.

Zoom Line

– Various options available in teardrop, feather and straight shapes
– Heights from 10′ to 16′
– Can be used indoors or out
– Graphic rotates in wind
– Water fillable donut adds stability to quad leg (included)
– Graphic printed on flag material
– Double sided graphic available
– Both floor base & ground stake included

Wind Dancers

– 43″ Wide WIND-MX
– Adjustable height = up to 17’3”
– Flag is approximately 43” wide
– Hollow base can be filled with either water or sand as weighing agent


– Sizes available: 5.9′, 6.6′, 8.2′,9.8′.
– Lightweight aluminum frame
– Spiked tip for soft earth or sand
– Woven polyester material
– Weighted bases available


– Size: 10’x10′, 10’x15′, 10’x20′
– Side curtains
– Leg weights
– Weighted bases
– Woven polyester material

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