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Nimlok Island Exhibits Guide

Whether an exhibitor is looking to make a “wow” statement with their brand, launch new products or services or make sales on the show oor, an island trade show exhibit can help…

Guide to Trade Show Successes

A custom trade show design is not found in a catalog. A creative team listens to your brand messaging and what you are trying to communicate to your customers about…

Smart Marketers Guide

It’s not about the destination, but rather the journey. It’s not about the wedding, but the marriage. It’s not about theevent, but the return on investment and growth over time…

Trade Show ROI Playbook

Marketing—now more than ever—is driven by numbers and guided by metrics. With the rise of more robust, in-depth analytics, itemsonce thought to be incalculable can now…

Exhibitors Guide to Social Media

From Gutenberg’s movable press to radio to television, technology has long been one of the prime forces behind marketing innovation. The internet – like its predecessors…

Trade Show Planning Guide

For a small business owner, attending a trade show as an exhibitor can be an invaluable experience. You can show off your product to hundreds of new potential…

Is Renting Right For You?

In today’s evolving business climate, marketers are tasked with more, and asked to minimize budgets to accomplish more goals. As a result of this prevailing ethos, it is challenging…

Nimlok FastSolutions Catalog

Welcome to Nimlok fast solutions, the ideal way to communicate your company identity and messaging in any trade show, event and corporate and retail setting. From portable…

Trade Show Ideas eBook

Whether an exhibitor is an established business or a startup company, participation in a tradeshow can be a highly effective face-to-face marketing vehicle to wow prospects, increase leadsand…

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