Colonial Candle is putting special emphasis this year on exhibiting at regional gift markets. They display their broad range of candle offerings and showcase merchandising units available to retailers. They called on Carolina Trade Show Exhibits to develop a way to pull together their existing merchandisers and create a unified look. We were happy to oblige! The solution we presented uses custom-designed double-sided backlit displays connected by overhead “S” curve banners. The graphics feature candles, special offers Colonial Candle wants to emphasis at these events. The backlit panels can easily be changed out from market to market for targeted messages and audiences.



The initial configuration used 3 backlit units and 2 “S” curve banners in a triangular space.  Subsequent event footprints will be 20×20 and use 4 backlit units connected by 3 “S” curve banners on three sides.  In both configurations, Colonial Candles’ merchandising units are used as the back wall and other freestanding Colonial Candle units are used throughout the space.

Kay Kiser and her team provided excellent guidance and support during the development process and we look forward to helping them continue to build their brand and image in the future!