Carolina Trade Show Exhibits offer more services than you think. Many people don’t realize that we offer turnkey services for our construction projects. What are turnkey services, some might ask? Allow us to explain.

Turnkey projects are defined as products that are given to you in full operational status. So, why is this worth it? Whenever you order a trade show booth from Carolina Trade Show Exhibits, you get a turn-key exhibit that can be set up in no time, therefore you aren’t wasting time getting your booth ready. You can be ready for meeting future leads or current customers in no time. Being prepared is the number one solution to making sure you have a great trade show. We can guide you during your build from beginning to end to ensure that you get the booth that you want.

We are proud of our ability to make our customers happy with their products. Whether it’s a booth accessory like a hanging structure, a pop-up, a tent, an umbrella, or any of our other accessories. Even our rental exhibits will meet your needs quickly and cost-efficiently. Give us a call today at (864)329-0001