When you want to represent your organization, Fabric banners advertise products and services, announce events, and brand your company. Have a message that you want to share with your customers? Graphic banners provide a vibrant, eye-catching display, Want to stand out at a special event? Bold fabric banners will get you noticed. Here’s why: fabrics banners are visually appealing and eye-catching because they allow for vivid textures and graphics, and textures stand out better than a flat-colored printing surface.

Best Fabrics to Print

Not all fabrics are created equal, and some fabrics are better for printing than others. How the threads are woven, and the strength and flexibility of each type of fabric needs to be considered to stand up to wear and tear. Canvas fabric, for example, has a very high thread count, with very thick threads, making it a thick fabric. Canvas is one of the most popular types of fabrics to print on since it absorbs paints and dyes extremely well. Canvas fabric is very durable and tough, yet it is soft and easily flexible.

Another great fabric to print on is silk because of its smooth, soft texture. Silk has a slight advantage over canvas because it moves with the wind, grabbing more attention and working almost as a flag. The downside to silk is that it can be thin, and is, therefore, more prone to wear and tear. Silk can come in various forms of thickness, making it a versatile fabric to use as a fabric banner.

Other common fabrics include cotton and satin. Each provides great strength and great thread count to provide high absorption of paints and dye. Because of their durability, these fabrics are more cost-effective. They cannot, however, match the vibrancy of silk or that of canvas fabrics.

Places To Use Your Banners

It is critical to place your banners where they can be seen and will stand out. Placing it outside your business draws attention to your products or services, and can advertise motto or slogan.

Banners can also come in handy during social gatherings such as festivals and other community events. Need to grab a potential customer’s attention or spark someone’s interest about a service? Well-placed banners grab your potential customer’s attention and draw them in. In addition to social gatherings, another ideal spot for a banner is in public places, like parks or near highly populated public roads or walkways. On a walkway of trees and street lamps, a banner will stand out like a small billboard. This gives your business a great advantage because it is permanent advertisement that will increase your community presence.

Finally, banners are great eye-catchers for trade show conventions. When representing your company at a trade show, it is important that your company isn’t drowned out by a sea of trade show exhibits. Banners will assure that your company or organization is still seen and recognized.

John Lee
President | Owner