Trade Shows are industry-specific conventions where businesses and organizations can increase their industry presence. Conventions are a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your value to potential clients or employees. Trade shows are an excellent way to increase your image, brand awareness, and customer base.

Oil Industry

Between drillers, suppliers, transportation services, and other providers, the oil industry is one of the largest industries in the entire world. Oil industry conventions are growing exponentially each year, some of them having tripled in size since their first convention. If you own a business in the oil industry, especially in the south where the industry is most prevalent, you can’t afford to miss a convention. You’ll need professionally designed graphics and lighting to represent your company. Carolina Trade Show Exhibits has years of experience with representing the oilfield industry at numerous conferences, from Louisiana to North Carolina.

Car Conventions

Car conventions are a place for local dealerships of all brands to compete. This is where all of the car-hungry consumers will gather, eager to buy a new vehicle. Represent your dealership at the next convention with eye-catching displays, appealing lighting, and stunning graphics that will attract customers to your lot and build trust. Call Carolina Trade Show Exhibits to design a trade show booth with friendly colors and appealing designs.

Fan Fairs

Comic books, super heroes, video games, anime and manga. There are conventions for all of them all over the world. Whether you have a local club, a website, a YouTube channel, a comic book series, or anything it may be, you’ll need a booth to represent your organization. If you want to stand out an the next Comicon or Anime Convention, call Carolina Trade Show Exhibits!


Comic books have been popular since the 1930s, and are still popular today. Comicons are being celebrated all over the United States, and comic artists and publishers need the proper representation for these events. Professionally designed booths and stunning displays are the best way to attract attention.

Anime Conventions

Anime and Manga are popular entertainment in Japanese culture, and that frenzy has made it’s way into Western culture as well. With anime conventions on the rise, you can’t afford to miss out on a single one! Represent your organization with an exhibit. Show off your anime and manga with stylish graphics!

Gaming Conventions

The gaming industry is monstrously huge compared with what it was in the 90s. Today, there are gaming conventions popping up all over the country; an opportunity for major gaming publishers and developers to show off their work and get their name out there. Presenting your game is only part of advertising. Showing your face at these conventions is not enough; you need to leave an impression.